Who We Are ? Company Background

About Us

ST Global Soft Technologies began operations in Chennai and has since earned on excellent reputation in Web designing, IT Service and Domain Hosting. Major specializations are in software development solutions and services for all types of businesses.

Our Professional Services team was born out of a desire to provide valuable services while engaging in a true partnership with our customers. We are flexible and highly attuned to your needs. We will actively work with you to help you meet your business goals and generate value for you and your customers. This approach has resulted in a significant number of our customers returning to work with us again and again ? direct testimony of our professionalism and client satisfaction.

ST Global Soft Mantra

Our mantra is "Employee First" and a strong belief in value based leadership has been recognized globally.

With the increasing competition and availability of our products and services in the marketplace, differentiation is critical for an organization to create a unique place. At ST Global Soft, we understand the importance of research & Development (R&D) for our customers businesses and are committed to provide world-class R&D and Technology Services to our customers. We are strong with significant product engineering strength and experience.

For small to medium business owners.... All our website graphics are custom designed to fit your individual needs. Though we do have an hourly rate, we have put together some package pricing to help get you started.

We grow companies through effective websites that are goal-oriented and produce real results. We believe real success is built by being truthful, working smart, and continually growing our knowledge.

Websites return your investment when they 1) Target the right people, 2) Give them a pleasant experience, and 3) Implement goal tracking for improvement.

Does your company track and improve advertising and internal systems? Websites are no different. Your website should evolve with your company or it’s a wasted effort. Read on to learn how and why Effect Web Media will help you achieve results without wasting your valuable time, money, or effort.

“We measure our success by the success of our clients”